Christmas Party At Dave and Buster

Company Christmas Party At Dave and Buster

Video was taken at the Canadian Bank (cannot name for the obvious reason) Company Christmas Party where Honory was part of the Dave and Buster Magician.

Honory was picked by the Super Magician performing on stage! it was really a treat for the little kids Specially for Honory!!!

It was indeed memorable for the family and the kids who all went to this big event sponsored by bmo. With staffs only paying very minimal fee to get their kids to this great event for fun entertainment and games too with Santa Claus…

It was really for these brothers Honory and Michael who are with their parents. The got this treat courtesy of bmo who give their staffs some great time at Dave and Buster for the Christmas holidays. Dave and Buster is one of Canada’s premier places to play some games and lots of stuffs for the kids and family. Kids and family recreation is really happening big time at Dave and buster!!!

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