Toronto Blue Jays Vs Texas Rangers Winner Take All Game 5

In about half hour, the Toronto Blue Jays will take on the Texas Rangers for the winner take all game 5 of the ALDS. At about 4:07 pm today, the Toronto Blue Jays – Marko Stroman! will take the mount and try to finish the Texas Rangers for good!

The previous 4 games was won via a straight route! the Rangers took 2 wins in Toronto by sweeping the Blue Jays here in TO for 2 games.

The Blue Jays then took care of the next 2 games when they went to Arlington to face the Texas Rangers for games 3 and 4.

ALDS Game 5 Blue Jays vs. Rangers

Now, we are here for game 5 of the ALDS do-or-die game!!!

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I will update this blog of any developments of the game as it progresses

Inning by Inning ALDS Game 5 Progress

First Inning..

Darn!!! Texas Rangers score their first run with Deshields scoring a run..

1st Inning Score: Texas Rangers 1 … Toronto Blue Jay 0


  • Second Inning… coming… and now its on….Top of Second… and it should end but under review and the VERDICT!!!… He is out on Third Base!!!……. now its bottom of the Second Inning…

Blue Jays Encarnacion walked, Colabello for a single…Toluwitzki stiked our… Martin flyout…Pilar Strike out

2nd Inning Score: Texas – 1       Toronto – 0


 *Third Inning; Shin Soo-Cho hit a solo Homerun…Toronto… Goins out, Revere gets to First base…Donaldson grounded out…Baustista doubled, Revere scored…Blue Jays on the score board… Encarnacion walked, Collabello ground out…

3rd Inning Score: Texas – 2       Toronto Blue Jays -1


*Fourth Inning;  Awesome Running Catch by Pilar, out Hamilton, Anrus groundout, Odor grounded out… Toronto Blue Jays,  Tulowitzki grounded out, Martin flyout, Pilar strikeout.

4th Inning Score: Texas – 2           Toronto Blue Jays – 1


*Fifth Inning: Giminez singled, Deshields Gimenez out in second base, DeShields on fielders choice in first base, Fielder strikeout!…. Toronto Blue Jays… Goins strikeout, Revere bunted out, Donaldson flyout!

5th Inning Score: Texas  – 2             Toronto Blue Jays  – 1


*Sixth Inning:  Top of 6 …Beltre striked out!!!, Moreland grounded out, Hamilton hits a double, Andrus grounded out!!! Bottom of six, Toronto Blue Jays…BAutista foul out, Encarnacion Homerun!!!! Bravo!… Colabello strikeout, Tulowitzki out..

6th Inning Score:  Texas  – 2     Toronto Blue Jays  – 2


*Seventh Inning:  Top of 7th Inning… Odor singled, Gimenez gounded out advanced runner Odor to third, controversial call by the umpire!!!.. giving a run to Texas! beer and softdrinks can beign thrown on the field after a ruling of a run score by the Rangers,Chin Soo Cho stricked out Bottom of 7th Inning.. Martin singled, Pilar get to first base (singled), possible errors, 3 errors for Texas Rangers… Goins singled, full bases, pinched runner Pompey out at homebase, still full bases, Donaldson singled, forced out in second-Revere, Pilar reached homebase and scored, Jose Baustista homered, 3 Run Home Run!!! game has been delayed because of fans and the game itself bench emptied…Encarnacion singled, Colabello singled…Tulowitzki fouled out.

7th Inning Score:  Texas  – 3           Toronto Blue Jays  – 6


*Eight Inning:  Top of the 8th..Toronto catcher-Navarro… Fielder singled, Beltre reached on Fielder choice Fielder out in Second base, Moreland walked, Pitcher Change- Sanches out Osuna in, Hamilton batting Striked out!!!, Andrus batting Striked out!!! Wow!!! Bottom of the 8th.. Navarro flyout, Pilar Flyout, Goins flyout.


End 8th Inning Score:  Texas  – 3          Toronto Blue Jays   –  6


*Ninth Inning:  Top of the 9th… Odor batting, Line OUT! Napoli batting STRIKE OUT!!!…. ~ Venable pinch hitter.. Strike out!!!~! Osuna finished and save the GAME!!!










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