Toronto Winter Snow Storm 12-11-2014

This a video taken in Toronto just a few steps to the Fairview Mall here in North York.

It was fun for some kids but its a nightmare for motorist as the commute would be like at least 45 minutes to an hour delay.

The video just show some maintenance building personnel working on removing the snow around the premises and its kinda a daunting task since did are still doing it manually until their plow trucks arrive for faster snow removal.

The road on Godstone road is basically empty and not much cars passing thru… only some few people who working…

And… almost saw an accident as seen on the video as the small car makes a left turn with the other car/mini-van was going straight and have the right of way…

anyways here the winter snow storm from our balcony…

Hope you like and we’ll make some more… hehehehe… hope not much snowwwwwwwwwwwww…….

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